Schwarzkopf Back to School promo



Agency Task

Create a promotional campaign to increase brands' shower line purchases during "back to school" season (starts annually in Russia on 1.09)


Kids don't really like studying. Unless those aren't just some usual lessons, but an adventure. Shauma and Fa products can turn any school into a fairy tale school, and study - into an entertainment with magic prizes. The creative background was to use a popular image of a magic castle, similar to both of Narnia and Cinderella's Disney Castle. And the reason is that the main prize a participant could win, is a trip to Disneyland in Paris.


To connect hygiene, soap and shampoos with the castle I used clouds and bubbles as a close visual metaphor of soap foam.


As this was a tender project, the initial target was reached, and the agency won the tender due to the appealing illustration.